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caption: artists from the 2006 season brought a wide diversity of talent to On this Earth!
TICKETS to On this Earth Episode IV on March 23, 2007 benefiting Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County are now on sale at www.onthisearth.org

Announcing the "On this Earth" 2007 Season
  • Friday, March 23: Episode IV benefiting Pinellas Habitat for Humanity.
  • Saturday, July 28: Episode V benefiting the YWCA of Tampa Bay.
  • Fri or Sat in October: Episode VI benefiting CASA.
  • Read all about the 2006 Series (stories and photos)
  • Sat Jun 24: On this Earth Episode III benefiting Pinellas Habitat for Humanity
  • Sat Apr 29: On this Earth Episode II benefiting CASA of St Petersburg
  • Fri Feb 24: On this Earth Episode I benefiting the YWCA of Tampa Bay

  • "On this Earth" is a concert series aimed at enlightening and empowering audiences to make a difference "on this earth" in their local community. Through music, poetry, lecture and discussion, "On this Earth " informs audiences about various needs in the community, introduces them to local organizations active in meeting those needs and, finally, empowers them to get involved themselves.

    The "On this Earth" series takes its name from the title of a song recently composed by Tampa Bay based singer/songwriter, Lorna Bracewell. "Show me what on this earth you're gonna do," Bracewell challenges both herself and her listeners in the song's chorus. The "On this Earth" series is Bracewell's attempt to meet that challenge. She hopes it will inspire others to act in kind.

    The three topics that the 2006 season of "On this Earth" engaged are racial justice, sexual justice and religious ecumenicism and tolerance. The three organizations that this season of "On this Earth" benefited are the YWCA of Tampa Bay, CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) of Saint Petersburg and Pinellas Habitat for Humanity.

    The three concerts in this series were held at Pro Star Recording Studio at 3220 28th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida. Pro Star features a concert space that comfortably seats 100 people in an intimate setting with excellent sound. Would you like a map?

    Artist Bio's from 2006 On this Earth

    Lorna Bracewell Bio (Episodes I, II, III)
    Lorna Bracewell is less than a year out of college, and already she has found that she has a voice and a will and a passion for justice that is making a difference. Lorna envisioned "On this Earth" as a way of bringing people together around a common theme where there is a need for justice and reconciliation, and putting them in contact with an organization that is doing something about it.

    And Lorna doesn't just sing about it; she leads by example. Her work with CASA has already resulted in a nomination for a Pearl Award by the Tampa Bay Area Women's Directory for her "commitment to making a difference through her connections with local organizations and inspiring her audiences to do the same," and a nomination for a Special Tribute Award by the Office of the Attorney General and the Governor's Office of the state of Florida as a distinguished victim advocate for her "commitment to supporting victims of domestic violence."

    Lorna's professional recognitions include nomination for Best Solo Artist in the 2006 Music Awards of the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (APCA, a national college campus activities organization), and an appointment to the state of Florida's 2006 - 2008 State Touring Program, where she is one of the youngest artists ever to have received this honor.

    Lorna has made more than 700 appearances in the United States and Europe as a performer, and now she is also coming into demand as a speaker. Her latest program, "Love 101: Rethinking, Love, Sex and Power" was premeried at the Florida Junior and Community Colleges Student Government Associations' state conference, where it was voted a Top Ten Session.

    Visit Lorna's web site at www.lornabracewell.com.

    Adrianne Bio (Episode I)
    California-based Adrianne is an extraordinary songwriter and a powerful live performer. A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Adrianne was the grand prize winner of the USA Songwriting Competition (out of 30,000 entries). In addition, she has also received other awards such as The Boston Music Award for 'Best New Singer Songwriter' and the SESAC award for 'most promising young songwriter.'

    Lorna met Adrianne when they played a women's music festival together last year, and the two formed an instant bond of friendship. Adrianne was Lorna's guest artist at her August 2005 "Live for CASA" benefit concert, and they have stayed in touch ever since.

    "If you can imagine a pure musical embodiment of soul- songs brimming with sumptuous vocals, lyrics that clearly bridge the mind with the heart, and instrumentation that delicately yet powerfully completes the picture, then step out of your imagination into a pleasant reality- for this is Adrianne." -Debbie Catalano, Soundcheck Magazine

    Visit Adrianne's web site at www.adrimusic.com.

    Venus Jones Bio (Episodes I, II, III)
    Venus Jones is an award-winning speaker, writer, and entertainer. As an accomplished actress, voice-over talent, model, and former MTV correspondent, Venus has worked on blockbuster films like The Punisher and Out of Time and credits over one hundred print ads and commercials to her name.

    As a spoken word artist, Venus is a three-time Tampa Bay area slam winner. She has opened for Def Poetry on Broadway and served as the first resident poet on WMNF 88.5 FM.

    Venus has poetry published in the UKs X magazine, Underground Poetz, Artists Embassy International, and in Map of Austin Poetry. Her work has been featured at The Salvador Dali Museum, The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, The Improv, and poetry venues, conferences, schools, and festivals across the country.

    Lorna met Venus when they shared the program for a CASA benefit last year. Venus is the featured poet in residence for all three of Lorna's "On This Earth" concerts.

    Visit Venus' web site at www.venusjones.com.

    Amy Steinberg Bio (Episode II)
    With irreverent humor and crafty intelligence, Amy Steinberg uses her original music and poetry to promote tolerance, openness and diversity. Combining a sassy sensibility with a loquacious socio-political and spiritual awareness, Amy brings forth a fresh and solid energy.

    Amy has won numerous awards, among them Songwriter of the Year from the Songwriter Showcases of America and Best Solo Performer from the Orlando Music Awards. Touring all over the country incessantly, Amy has played at clubs, colleges, cafes, community centers, and festivals.

    Currently Amy is working on her 7th independent release. Classically trained on the piano since age 4, with a degree in theater (from studies at Boston Conservatory, American Musical and Dramatic Academy and Marymount Manhattan),and self-taught on the guitar, Amys shows display wildly innovative musicality combined with extraordinary performance skills to create an arousing environment like none other.

    Themes of her music include woman power, faith, sexuality, acceptance and love. The audience at a Steinberg show claps, sings along, and laughs until they cry.

    Lorna has shared the stage with Amy several times in the last few years. She always cherishes the opportunity to do so, and even when she's not on the program, if Amy's in town, and Lorna's not working that night, chances are she'll be out in the crowd enjoying the show.

    Visit Amy's web site at www.theamysteinbergband.com.

    Dr. Tim Johnson Bio (Episode III)
    Dr. Tim Johnson received his Doctorate in Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He is published in numerous North American and European Journals, is a contributing editor for "Francis of Assisi: Early Documents," and has authored several books, including "The Soul in Ascent: Bonaventure on Poverty, Prayer, and Union with God.

    He has taught at St. Bonaventure University in southwestern New York state, and is currently Assistant Professor of Religion and Chairperson of the Liberal Studies Department at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

    Dr. Johnson and his classes which Lorna attended at Flagler College have had a profound influence upon her life and specifically upon her conception of a practical compassionate spirituality. Lorna is honored to be able to share a little bit of Dr. Johnson with her friends "On This Earth."

    Lane Lederer Bio (Episode III)
    We are especially thrilled to feature in our On this Earth series the sublimely beautiful music and soul of The Florida Orchestra oboist, Lane Lederer. Lane has been a member of The Florida Orchestra since 1980. As a classically trained musician, he brings a unique perspective to the vision of On this Earth, as we strive to embrace the many forms of the musical arts which give context and meaning to our vision to unify the arts with real community involvement.

    Lane will be performing works on oboe, and on english horn. Perhaps many of our guests have never heard these instruments - at least, not up close and personal. If so, you will be amazed at the serene and expressive sounds which Lane will coax from these instruments. And you will be moved by his vision of music as an expression of the timeless human spirit.

    Lane is pleased to announce that he will be joined by four special musical guests:

    Sasha von Dassow is in his tenth season as cellist with The Florida Orchestra, active as a soloist and chamber musician, Music Director of the North Port Orchestra, and a member of the faculty at Manatee Community College in Bradenton.
    Lyndie Laramore soprano, is an active performer in the Boston music scene. She has her bachelor of music in vocal performance from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.
    Footnote: we are thrilled to have Lyndie traveling all the way from Boston for On this Earth, and we sincerely thank Roseanne Kue, who was originally scheduled to appear, for arranging for Lyndie to appear in her stead when Roseanne's plans had to change.
    David Rogers, harpsichord, is the Artistic Administrator of The Florida Orchestra. He holds his doctorate in music composition and theory from the Eastman School of Music and taught theory and composition courses at the University of South Florida from 1998- 2004.
    Cliff Rice, trombone, is formerly principal trombonist of the Norfolk (Virginia) Symphony and the Virginia Opera. His compositions and arrangements have been performed by the Norfolk Symphony, the Virginia Chamber Ensemble, and the Norfolk Brass Quintet.

    Rice will premiere his work Sketches for a Requiem for Eleven Victims of Domestic Violence, scored for soprano, folk vocalist (Lorna), spoken word artist (Venus), acoustic guitar, oboe, cello, trombone, and percussion.

    Martha Kehm Bio (Episode II)
    Martha Kehm has been sketching, drawing, painting and sculpting since she could hold a pencil. She describes a recurring theme of her work to be that of "escape - a physical escape from danger, perceived strictures, the ordinary - or mental/emotional escape." Martha's dramatic figures use texture, negative space, rhythm and movement to engage the viewer.

    In Martha Kehm's work we sense in a tangible and visual manner the condition of those individuals in whose lives CASA is engaged.

    View larger image.

    Barbara Ott & Becky Klopp Fedor Bios (Episode III)
    Barbara Ott (pictured) and Becky Klopp Fedor were invited to participate in On this Earth Episode III because of their beautiful, spiritual, and uplifting artwork in clay, pottery, and ceramics. We felt that their work embodied the joy of faith that we wished to communicate in this theme, and which we believe underlies the work of Habitat for Humanity.

    (Barbara Ott will display both artists' work at On this Earth Episode III, as Becky Klopp Fedor will be in a different part of the country on this date.)

    Barbara Ott

    Barbara Ott became enamoured with clay through an introductory class at the Dunedin Fine Art Center in 1996. With a background in the "black and white" world of accounting, clay offered Barbara a myriad of possibilities and challenges and a way to find herself via the creative process. Expressing her spirit has become an integral part of the work she creates, so much so that it led her to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion and love for art.

    In addition to being a creator of art, Barbara is now also the manager of Highwater Clays of Florida.

    Visit Highwater Clay of Florida's web site at www.highwaterclays.com.

    Becky Klopp Fedor

    Becky Klopp Fedor has been creating art with clay since she stumbled into a ceramics class at Oklahoma State University in 1972. Since then, she has taken every summer off from her profession of teaching and speech therapy to be "covered with mud."

    Becky has spent the last three decades doing art shows in California, Nevada, and Oklahoma, and currently has a studio at the St Pete Clay Company.