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Lorna Bracewell is a political theorist and associate professor of political science at Flagler College. Her scholarship focuses on feminist theory and the history of political thought and has been published in academic journals like Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society and popular forums like The Washington Post. Her book, Why We Lost the Sex Wars: Sexual Freedom in the #MeToo Era (University of Minnesota Press, March 2021), offers a revisionist history of the feminist sexuality debates of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s foregrounding the influence of liberal concepts such as freedom of expression, the public/private divide, and the harm principle. It is available for purchase from the publisher here


Lorna Professional Headshot 1.jpg

Dr. Lorna Bracewell

Flagler College

Department of Humanities

74 King Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

+1 727.479.5968


Before Dr. Bracewell was "Dr. Bracewell," she was a touring singer/songwriter. If you are an old fan or curious about her "past life" as a musician, you can check her out on Spotify, iTunes, or YouTube

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